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    “We really are more than a city of hipsters.”

    Thus spoke Louisvillians after reading 5 Non-Hipster Louisvillians; offering input, suggestions, a little snark, and some level of personal identification with the caricatures of the capricious foodie, the coffee shop colonizer, the hippie, the runner, and the out-of-towner.

    But obviously Louisville is a vastly diverse city, leaving room to illuminate five other non-hipster Louisville-residents.

    Let me, again, preface with saying that this obviously isn’t an exhaustive list, far from it, in fact; but here is a compilation of another five of my favorite non-hipster stereotypical Louisvillians.

    The Artsy Ones

    If you glanced in their agenda— a work of art in itself, crafted from repurposed quilting scraps, bourbon bottle labels and the backs of Cafe Mimosa menus, all bound together with twine woven from strands of a significant other’s hair—the word gallery is, unsurprisingly, prevalent. Zephyr. Open. Swanson Reed Contemporary, FAF, Janjobe. They’re all there.  And a large portion of The Artsy Ones’ diets is comprised of the waxy cheese cubes and boxed wine consumed at their openings.

    Yet, often they are not merely appreciators of the arts, but artists themselves. The Artsy Ones look forward to birthdays and bachelor or bachelorette parties at Uptown Art, relishing in the opportunity to create a truly life-like interpretation of a bouquet of wildflowers, or perhaps a whimsical fleur-de-lis. Each painted with more precision and skill than the next.

    But don’t make plans with them for the first weekend in October—unless those plans include wandering The St. James Art Fair for hours, in which case, you two would get along just fine.

    The Louisville-Dedicated Social Media Mavens (LDSMM)

    Here’s a quick run-down of The LDSMM’s online activity.

    Facebook: Louisville-centric posts (often shared from their favorite Louisville news outlet,  

    Twitter: Louisville-related Twitter handle.

    Tumblr: Louisville-themed blog.

    Foursquare: Copious Louisville check-ins. Mayor of 90 percent of Louisville establishments.

    LinkedIn: Involved with Leadership Louisville

    Myspace: Yes, they even have a Myspace to promote their My Morning Jacket cover-band

    The Fans

    I’m not talking about fans falling somewhere along the spectrum of the Red/Blue divide—rather the fans who eagerly support Louisville’s minor leagues, semi-pro, and professional teams with the utmost voracity. They have Louisville Rugby jerseys hanging in their closets, a Louisville Bats cap on their heads, and a countdown on their calendar clicking off time until the Louisville City Football Club arrives. The Fans are always ready for a pre-game party, even if it’s just with the people in the Slugger Field parking lot. They’ll bring the craft beer and folding chairs.  

    The Geeks and Gamers

    Most weeknights, the Geeks and Gamers can be found congregating, cards and dice in hand, in the aisles of Louisville shops like Roll of the Die or Something 2 Do.  Perhaps prepping for a Dungeons and Dragons campaign set in Louisville.

    “I’m going to roll a climb check in order to scale the exterior of the YUM! Center,” an eager first-timer might say. Only to have a seasoned D&D veteran look at him wearily, and answer, “We’re still talking to the dwarves in The Mega-Cavern; we’re not even above ground yet.”

    Look for them at the 2015 Louisville Wizard World Comic Con dressed as their favorite superhero: The Mega-Louisvillian, complete with a fleur-de-lis emblazoned cape and the ability to turn water into bourbon (while some may say this is a relatively inconsequential superpower, at the end of the day The Mega-Louisvillian is still more useful than Aquaman).

    The Wistful Rememberers

    While for some, small talk consists of a comment in passing about the weather or the past night’s game, “remember when...” is the statement that most often peppers The Wistful Rememberers’ pleasantries.

    “Remember when Lynn’s was still open?”

    “Remember when The Great Ice Storm of 2009 hit?”

    “Remember when NuLu was nothing more than a ramshackle collection of abandoned buildings?”

    The Wistful Rememberers are not necessarily disgruntled with change taking place in Louisville, but simply look back fondly at the memories they have created in a city that is such an intrinsic part of who they are.

    So what are some of your favorite non-hipster Louisvillians? What group do you belong to? Let us know in the comments section or on twitter @louisvillecom!

    Cover photo courtesy of Shutterstock. Copyright: Vlad Teodor 

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