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    Another Day of School Cancellations: What Louisville Parents Are Saying
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    It’s bitterly, dangerously cold, and JCPS and other school systems have cancelled classes in Louisville for another day. Will it ever end? What are Louisville parents saying about this development?

    Some parents’ offspring began making good use of their time right away. “My kids are excited because they can watch the end of the BCS game. This time, the schools made the decision early enough so we can plan accordingly,” said Matthew Osborn, dad to a 10-year-old and an 8-year-old, last night. Does that mean they will sleep in?

    It’s off to grandmother’s house for others. “My sanity will be fine, but I'll owe my mother the big bottle of Chardonnay,” predicted Erika Spidle Napier, mom to Alek, 11.

    It can get complicated for social types: “Since I'm apparently the ‘cool mom’ on the block, this means that my kids will also have friends around to play. It's a real toss up as to whether I allow my kids to ‘be bored’ with all their toys and video games and computers, or if I'll let them each have a friend to come inside and play to keep them company and eventually have to lose it over the disagreements that always occur. Not to mention the additional dirty cups and snacks that are supplied while the kids entertain,” said Kim Mays, mom to Zack, 9, and Lola, 6.

    “I am in a state of disbelief,” said Ann All, mom to Sam, 13. “I understand JCPS is calling school off because so many kids wait at bus stops in the cold. Decision doesn't make as much sense for a Catholic school like the one Sam attends because I don't think any of them offer bus service. So parents are doing the drop-off/pick-up drill and the kids won't need to be outside. Sam, of course, is thrilled. It makes it a little tough on me, because he has a tendency to interrupt more often than I would like. (Nothing like when he was younger, but still...) And working at home makes it soooo much easier!”

    Jake Hardison Kennedy, dad to Anthony, 13, and Sheadyn, 9, is ready to get back on track. “My boys are ready to go back and I'm ready for them to go back too. LOL. They are disappointed that they are wasting ‘snow’ days and will have to go longer in the summer. That is, if it's not too ‘hot’ for school.”

    Parents with kids in high school don’t seem as frazzled, as a group.

    Kristi Terhune Ashby, mom to Samantha, 14: “Since it's just my youngest that's in high school, I'm so done with school-schedules, homework, and exams. Too bad she's a freshman. I still have 3 1/2 years!”

    Not so for the ones with littles.

    Loraine Hammerbeck, mom to Sophia, 10, and Jack, 2. “My daughter will probably go back since she's also in private school, but my toddler's mom's day out follows JCPS's decisions. I have a giant Hershey bar and a baby gate, and I'm not afraid to use them.” When Loraine later found out that her daughter’s school was closing, as well, she added, “I will bribe her for help with Pokemon cards.”

    And if you’re pulling your hair out today, spare a thought for the parents who kind of would have liked to take on the challenge. “My son is at his dad's house so I am missing the snow days. Which makes me sad. Because I would totally love to yoga pant it up and play wii u all day! But alas...,” said Cynthia Bard Mayes, mom to a 7-year-old.

    Good luck to all.

    Photo: Shutterstock Copyright: iofoto

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