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    Today was a first for me. I have never, in all my years of attending Abbey Road on the River, been to opening day. The vibe was very relaxed. Vendors were preparing for the hustle and bustle of the days to follow as technicians and volunteers were working out kinks that could cause major problems on busy days. It reminded me of an Abbey Road on the River Monday... with less hangovers. If you're not a crowd person, I highly recommend going to Abbey Road on a Thursday or Monday. You get to experience the fun of the festival without having to maneuver your way through heavy crowds. Plus, street parking is easier to find!

    An unusual amount of bands from around the world were on the schedule for today. Germany, Scotland, Norway, Holland, Argentina, Japan, Colombia, and Brazil were all represented. These diverse bands provided an enriching night, as attendees were able to visualize just how far the Beatles


    stretches. When I think of the Beatles, I think of their history within the UK, America, and sometimes Germany. I’ve been a fan of the Beatles since birth and I’ve never thought about the impact the Beatles had on South America or Asia. After today, I’m definitely going to do some research.

    My favorite band of the night turned out to be Ringo from Germany. This is their first Abbey Road on the River, and they brought a lot of talent with them. They were well practiced and had a great sound. Though they didn’t dress as the Beatles, their clothes were reminiscent of early Beatles attire. Black jackets and pants with white shirts adorned the five band members as they sang favorites like “Come Together” and “She Said.” Their piano/tambourine expert was especially entertaining. I could tell he was having a great time on stage, and I highly recommend keeping an eye on him later this weekend.

    Ringo will be playing again tomorrow afternoon at 1:30pm, and you definitely don’t want to miss Ambrosia with Laurence Juber tomorrow at 8:15pm with BritBeat following them at 8:45pm. Also, if you’d like to hear some female vocals and excellent harmonies this weekend, don’t miss Southern Sirens at 6pm. A full schedule is available on the Abbey Road on the River website as well as ticket information!

    Photos by Jenna Foster

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    Hi! My name is Jenna. I am a music teacher at a primary school. I love teaching because you get to feel like a rockstar without all the fuss of being famous. My hobbies include cosplay, reading, music, traveling, and collecting vintage clothes and records.

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