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    The boudoir.  The smoky, sultry nest your bedroom becomes during those truly intimate moments.  And quick!  What’s that on the nightstand?  Sleek and slender to behold…Yes, that’s right friends, it is a book.  Reading is sexy!  Words that linger on the page can sizzle and spice long after the spine is closed (ahem).  Sensuality and sexual innuendo have been laced into the pages of written word long before our time of blatant and blaring bodies – even simmering below the surface of some of the most well-read and known classics.  Explore the hidden temptations in your favorite tomes; the Jane Austen Society sparks their first meeting of 2012 with some scholastic seduction, featuring UofL professor Dr. Glynis Ridley. 

    Beginning at 2pm, Dr. Ridley will present on the discussion topic “Sex in English Literature”, focusing on the subtle sexual innuendoes often slipped into many 18th and 19th century English classics.  While perhaps tame by today’s standards, Dr. Ridley’s revelation of the racy content between the lines adds an interesting and evocative layer to some of literature’s best timeless tales.  The meeting will be held at Historic Locust Grove in the Audubon Room at the Visitors’ Center and will, as is tradition for the Jane Austen Society, be followed by afternoon tea. 

    Those pages purr more than you know; add a dash of sexy to your Sunday and make plans for tea and tantalization with the Jane Austen Society.  Anyone interested is invited to attend and membership into the Society is always open to those sparked by Ms. Austen, her novels and the world of the Regency.  And you thought the English were stuffy…

    Historic Locust Grove is located at 561 Blankenbaker Lane

    For more information about the Jane Austen Society, or to become a member visit                 

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