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    Fire is an important resource n’est pas? It provides warmth and light and can cook a mean hamburger. But what if I told you it was the next big thing for contemporary art? The Carnegie Center for Art and History in New Albany and Ohio Valley Creative Energy are presenting a new exhibition of fire arts. No, it’s not those scantily clad ladies who twirl blazing batons. These organizations define fire arts as works of art that utilize heat or flame in their creation, as in ceramic, glass and metal. Powering Creativity: Air, Fuel, Heat, will feature works by accomplished artists from Southern Indiana and Louisville who are experts in their particular craft including: Amy Pender, Aron Conaway, Benjamin Hunter, Brian Harper, Casey Hyland, Chris Chappell, Craig Kaviar, Devin French, Elmer Lucille Allen, Jonathan Swanz, Karine Maynard, Kristen Davis, Leah Friedberg, Matthew Maynard, Nicole Jacquard, Raymond Graf and Wayne Ferguson.

    There is another goal to this exhibition that is as compelling as the beautiful work that will be displayed. Ohio Valley Creative Energy (OVCE), a local grassroots nonprofit, is raising awareness and sharing information about their plans to open a Sustainable Arts & Education Center near the Clark-Floyd landfill. How will it be sustained? By the excess methane released by the landfill. No joke. This alternative energy source will be used to power ceramic, glass, and metal studios. It’s already being done by a facility in North Carolina, so why not here? OVCE has partnered with Hoosier Energy to expand the electric generation capacity at the landfill in order to grant free methane to fuel these fire art studios. For more information about this significant endeavor, visit

    There will be an opening reception for the exhibit on Friday, Oct. 28th from 6 – 8 p.m. at the Carnegie Center, 201 E. Spring Street, in New Albany. Light refreshments will be served, and the Jamey Aebersold Jazz Quartet will provide music. The event is free. The exhibit will be on view through Dec. 30th.

    During the reception, attendees can participate in the “deinstallation celebration” at the NABC Bank Street Brewhouse. Leticia Bajuyo’s sculpture Brew History: All Bottled Up, which was part of the New Albany Public Art Project: Bicentennial Series, will be dismantled and you can choose a souvenir bottle to take home for your efforts.  Then, follow the live music coming from the Bank Street Brewhouse for an after party.

    Brew History: All Bottled Up by Leticia Bajuyo

    If you have questions about the exhibit contact Laura Wilkins, Director of Marketing & Outreach, 812-944-7336 /

    photo: "Crakey's Spine" by Aron Conaway

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