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    Le Petomane Theatre Ensemble’s fourth season at the Rudyard Kipling opens this September with a ten-minute-play festival of new ensemble-created originals.  The show, entitled Le Petomane’s Next Show (the title will make sense in a second), will be an experiment in audience interaction:

    The group performs an evening of short pieces, featuring their usual weirdness of form: physical comedy, masks, music, dance and even a radio show.  Then,  at the /files/storyimages/of each night’s performance, the audience will be given the opportunity to vote on its favorite, which will be expanded to a full-length piece and become their… next show (Get it?  Get it?), to be performed in November and December. 

    Le Petomane’s Next Show: a Festival of Shorts will be performed on September 20-22, 28, 29 and Monday, October 1, at 7:30 pm at the Rudyard Kipling, 422 West Oak Street. 

    The Special Monday Night Performance will also be a celebration of the 3rd anniversary of Le Petomane Theatre Ensemble’s emergence onto Louisville’s theater scene. Party hats are welcome.

    Tickets are available for their usual (however unusual) $8-$20 sliding scale.  (One pays what one a) thinks fair and b) can afford; according to the group, they  "make a reasonable amount either way".  The low /files/storyimages/is no higher than the price of a movie ticket; the high /files/storyimages/is not such an issue, as they will gleefully accept any amount above $20 one cares to give.

    Reservations can be made by calling the Rud at (502) 636-1311 or by contacting

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