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    Last night I was able to attend the opening reception for the latest Awkward x 2 gallery opening at The Green Building on Market St. Awkward x 2 is a two person artistic team from Los Angeles consisting of Louisville native Rebecca Norton and Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe. In 2010 they found they had similar complementary sensibilities and so decided to join forces and create collaborative works of art. Fusing together competing grid systems, Awkward x2 highlights the angles and patterns through color and space. I must say I found the work very fascinating.

    The clean, open space of the Green Building’s gallery was a perfect viewing area for the collections. The natural light and free range allowed the canvases to tussle against each other and form greater connections. In earnest, there is a marvelous collision of chaos and geometry in the work. Points of shatter become points of unifying explanation as you zoom in and zoom out of the experience. It’s difficult to imagine how two separate artists planned the colors to work within these boundaries, but they ebbed and flowed through the tones, adding to the jarring effect of the lines, and providing the needed coordination between planes. 

    Listening to the artists describe which painting they created first and which was the last highlighted the evolution they took. It proved so interesting to see the exploration that founded the voice they wished to use and the trajectory that path forged. There were obvious items that showed the dedication to precision, and I could see the gradual play with that expression to the final painting that included distortion and reinvention of what Awkward x 2 could produce within those limited frames. 

    The gallery, located on 732 East Market Street, will showcase this exhibition through July 27th. It is open from 9 to 5 on the weekdays and until 10 on the Friday and Saturday. If you are in the area, it is well worth your time to check it out and stare into the cracks Awkard x 2 created in their infinite space. 

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