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    Not having any excuses of 'oh it was sooooo nice yesterday I went to the lake/river/pool, got super boozed up all and am mad tired' because it was delightfully cold and cloudy for June here in the River City.  Yep, it's Monday and yep it happens every week so get over it.

    So we're clear, Band of Skulls are in town tonight and they are masters in the art of badassery.  Supporting their latest album, 'Himalayan', the trio rolls into town to deliver the Hoochie Coochie and I suggest you get ready.  From the beginning they've always rang a bit of Dead Weather-esque in my ears but having supported DW and the Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club in the past they're certainly in a similar class of seasoned rock & rollers.  One thing that sets them a part for me is the sultry vocals of Emma Richardson.  They're pretty boss all around to be fair and Asleep at the Wheel, off of 'Himalayan', has charted so you can absolutely expect them to melt some faces tonight with their stellar arsenal of audio bath salts, ya know the good kind.  Tickets are still available and for $19 bucks you won't find a better deal in town.  Big thanks to the folks at Sacks & Co. Nashville and hope to see you all there tonight!

    On that note, this week is chock full of goodness so stay tuned to this bat channel for the skinny on all the places to be ding dongs. In me you trust, xoxo.


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