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    A colleague didn’t mind spending a good chunk of his daughter’s college fund on fuel the other day so he drove us out to Pewee Valley for barbecue that he claimed would be well worth the drive. I was so ready to tease him mercilessly for contributing mightily to the communal vast over-consumption of fossil fuels because I was confident that the barbecue wouldn’t be that good. I was wrong. Very, very wrong. Jucy’s Smokehouse Barbecue is a Texas style barbecue spot on Lagrange Road a few miles from the interstate. It’s an order and get your food at the counter, carry your own tray, whole rolls of paper towels on the table kind of place and boy is it good. Texas style barbecue means the focus is on beef, specifically brisket. Both my dining companions and myself ordered the Jumbo Sandwich Platter lunch special. Let’s not focus on how much we don’t need to be ordering anything called jumbo and let me instead just tell you that the smoky mound of tender chopped beef on a soft bun was simply fantastic. The platter comes with your choice of two side items of the usual suspect variety: macaroni and cheese, potatoes, green beans, potato salad, etc. If given the choice I pretty much choose all starches all the time so I had macaroni and cheese and potatoes. The macaroni and cheese was creamy and delicious not at all gloopy. The potatoes were a bit spicy. I couldn’t quite figure out what the spice was but it was tasty nonetheless. The jumbo sandwich platter was naturally far more food than I could eat but I certainly enjoyed every bite I could manage. I was so incredibly full I couldn’t even dream of trying either the apple or cherry cobbler but the little kid at the next table certainly seemed to enjoy the cobbler he was chowing down. I know the current price of gas takes trips to the far suburbs for a meal off of most people’s agendas. However if you live in the East End or have the budget for a nice meal out spend it those funds primarily on gas and head out to Jucy’s for a cheap and oh so tasty meal. Jucy’s Smokehouse Barbecue 7626 LaGrange Rd Pewee Valley, KY

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