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    The first day of IdeaFestival 2010 was full of wonderful and inspiring speakers. The venue that I went to was Thrivals 3.0. I am so glad that I did. Getting to hear about the different ways that the speakers are contributing to making this world a better place made me want to continue doing all that I can to be a part of this movement. I listened to John Kobara (COO of California Community Foundation), Anthony Jewett & Marquis Brown (Vice Chairman of Board of Directors & CEO, respectively, who co-founded the National Center for Global Engagement) & Janelle Monae with the Wunderland Arts Society.I also found out that I was a thrival by taking this quiz. (Hey, we all want to be a part of something, right?)

    What really moved me about the day was how passionate, eloquent and inspiring these people were and are. Thrivals 3.0 is self described as being "a fun, mind bending, future focused, innovative, leading edge and thought provoking learning experience where humans of all identities are challenged by each other, to think about new ideas, rethink old assumptions, build on the mind of others, to become, to do, to understand, to otherwise live this single planetary experience to its fullest". I believe they succeeded in doing and being those things. It was refreshing to see high school students asking thought provoking questions and taking part in the conversations. Founder Kris Kimel plans to have future IdeaFestivals in the years to come. My hope is that more people will make the time to be a part of future gatherings.

    IdeaFestival will continue through October 2. There will be plenty more sharing of ideas and opinions, and opportunites for connecting. Buy your ticket here. Or, if you just want to show support for Louisville and revitalizaton efforts, head on downtown this Saturday for the IF after-party. It'll be the NuLu East Market Festival. it's free and open to the public at the 700 block of East Market Street.


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