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    My fiance is deployed, so this is my first Valentine's day without him. Usually this state of affairs would leave me mascara streaked in front of Titanic with a mammoth box of Cellar Door Chocolates and a box of tissues, but not this Valentine's Day! Hillbilly Tea, one of my favorite local places, is hosting a Valentine's Tea dinner, and  I am gathering up my best girlfriend and attending. The menu looks fabulous, the place is fantastic, and the price is reasonable. 

    Hillbilly Tea is located right off Market Street downtown. They serve an assortment of amazing teas, including my personal favorite, Pearl's Tea, little pearls of green tea and jasmine flower: like drinking a morning meadow sprinkled with dew in late spring. Hillbilly Tea also makes their own soda, the lavender soda is lightly sweet and spicy, redolent of calm waters and deep blue evenings. The food is also ridiculously fresh and appetizing, but the menu for their Valentine's dinner is more romantic than just their regular menu, and you absolutely must RSVP if you wish to attend. 

    The special dinner is four courses, starting out with a horny goat tea and smoky mountain oysters, (not to be confused with rocky mountain oysters). The other offerings include asparagus soup with wild mushrooms, "darling" soda, braised short rib, sparkling chai, and (the kicker) smoked chocolate truffle pie with mountain chai whip. The sticker shock of the $69 dollar price tag for a couple was assuaged when I realized that I probably couldn't even buy these ingredients with that kind of money, much less take the time to painstakingly prepare and serve it. Reservations can be made on the website or on the phone; better hurry, Valentine's day is right around the corner! I am looking forward with ardor to spending my Valentine's evening at Hillbilly Tea. Will you TEA my Valentine? 

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