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    Last evening I had the opportunity to head across the bridge to Jeffersonville for Rocky's Sub Pub beer application launch party, and also had the chance to have some really great beer - the best of which I found to be Bell's Special Double Cream Stout.  According to the Bell's website it is a completely dairy free cream stout that derives its name from its smooth, creamy texture, not the ingredients.  Bell's has typically done very little to let me down, they didn't start last night. 

    When the server brought it to my table it came equipped with a beautiful off-white head that was very inviting; the aroma that rose up to meet me was a fantastic mixture of vanilla, chocolate, and coffee.  This was a really great stout and I was surprised how much it was like a milk stout, but with no milk.  It was remarkably easy to drink and the roasted malts gave it a slight smokiness along with nice chocolate and espresso notes.  It was one of the tastiest stouts I think I've ever tried and I personally would rank it right up there with Left Hand Milk Stout, maybe even higher. 

    The Special Double Cream Stout is only available during the Winter months; so you're reading this at just the right time to catch it if it sounds appealing.  The 6.1% ABV and around 33 IBUs combined with the fluffy, creamy texture made it overly easy to drink, not that I'm complaining.  I haven't seen it on this side of the bridge yet; so you might have to make the trek to Rocky's to try a pint, but once you get there and have one I don't think you'll be complaining either. 

    If you were friends with me on Facebook, Twitter, or Foursquare I might have invited you to join me last night (probably not, but lets just go with it).  See what the many benefits of knowing a big wig around the beer scene could be?  Yeah, me either, if you know one please tell them to follow me so I can hang out with them.

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