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    Pine loves being a father, and takes the role seriously.

    “Everything’s special about being a dad,” Pine said. “There’s a chamber in your heart that opens up that you never knew was there. You hope they don’t make the same mistakes [that you made] and they become better than you.”

    As for religion, Pine said that it was not emphasized growing up. He said his father became a born-again Christian in 1990, but “did not push it on anyone.”

    “In 2009, I was baptized at Okolona Christian Church,” Pine said. He reports that he and his family are still members there, and it is “of number one importance, today.”

    Pine’s recreational interests include golf, running, working out and especially playing with his two children.

    When he worked for station WAGT, in Augusta, Ga., Pine said he caddied for three seasons and played the storied golf course, four times.

    “It was golf heaven, on Earth,” Pine said. “You could not find a weed or dandelion. It was a perfect blend of rye over Bermuda. I made the most of Augusta, while I was there.”

    Pine did more than just improve his golf game at the legendary golf course.

    “One of the best things I learned from my years at Augusta was to avoid ‘negative yardage.’ Meaning when you’re caddying, you don’t want to forget a ball or a bag and have to backtrack. You always want to be going forward. There’s a parallel or symbolism to life in there—to keep going forward.” 

    As for running, Pine enjoys running the Triple Crown of Running in Louisville,” each year. He and Reed Yadon ran the 26.2-mile New York marathon this year. Pine said the two “finished together, on a very special Sunday…as we ran through all five boroughs of New York.”

    Pine thinks that the public’s perception of his work may be wrong.

    “Weather is not a 50 percent chance,” Pine said. “We have to be accurate or I will not be on TV anymore. You cannot rest in this market—it is so competitive.”

    Another difficulty of his job is the role that he plays.

    “During severe weather, you go to protect your family,” said Pine. “I have to run to work and into the storm. Just like a firefighter; they run to the fire, we run to the storm.”

    Pine likes many things about Louisville.

    “There is a lot of history, here,” said Pine. “The city is saturated with good golf courses. There’s the Kentucky Center for the Arts, which draws big names to come through here. There’s a hockey club, I’d love to get involved with. And, I am a big supporter of local sports teams.”

    Finally, Pine would like Louisvillians to understand one thing. Unlike many broadcasters that come to Louisville on a path to larger markets, Pine does not see it that way.

    “I do not see Louisville as a ‘stepping stone’,” said Pine.
    “This is a place I would like to stay and put down roots. I’ll stay as long as you’ll have me, Kentuckiana.”


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