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    New Belgium Fat Tire... The name alone sounds malty and thick, but it was the name alone that drew me in.  Its interesting, fun and sounds like it has a story behind it unlike a majority of new products that are marketed to the adventurous and curious beer heads.

    If you've never had Fat Tire before, you must.  If you like all things beer, you must.  If you want a new taste to go with that gourmet backyard burger, you must.  

    Fat Tire is easy to down, the blend of hops and maltiness procures you to take another drink or order another pint.  Hops that are normally sharp and bitter or floral on the palette are sometimes too much and can ruin a beer but not with this one. 

    Its a great pair with a blackened chicken sandwich,  a gourmet backyard burger, your favorite slice of pie or BBQ.  Hell, what about a BBQ pizza with blackened chicken and some of that grilled burger you were going to fix? 

    I wouldn't go as far to call it 'the perfect beer', whatever that is, but it is certainly appetizing and invokes excitement about the future of beer and flavors. 

    Theres gotta be a downside to this right? After all whats up with the subject? 

    The downside to all beers is that you drink too many, fall down the stairs and end up in a body cast for 6 weeks.  That is probably true with this one as well, but the worst part is that you can't buy it in Louisville.  At least not that I've found.  Ive heard it is scattered all around Southern Indiana so I checked New Belgium's 'Libation Locator' and see it sold at Local Liquor stores and on Tap at Buckheads and Kingfish on the river (I didnt even know Kingfish was still around).

    While most beers are always better on Tap, Ill take a bottle of it any day.  The label is reason enough to fork over a few bucks. 

    I am a beer snob and I love a good brew but driving from my end of town over to Southern Indiana for any reason other than driving through to Indianapolis, is too much for me.  I mean really. I would totally feel like an alcoholic if I drove 20+ minutes one way just for a delightful 6 pack.  

    Photo: Think Photographics // Scotty Perry 

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