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    When we moved into the St Joseph’s neighborhood (that’s between Germantown and Audubon Park for the 98% of you who’ve never heard of it) my friend and neighbor Amy wasted no time in taking my husband and me to her favorite local place to eat. I will owe her forever for this discovery.

    Avocado Burrito at Lolita's TacoWedged onto a slice of real estate on Poplar Level Road just inside the Watterson, and dwarfed by a behemoth Panera billboard, Lolita’s Taco is easy to drive by and never notice. But for 14 years people in the know – including my friend, us, and now you too – have relished the bargain-basement prices, no frills service, and most of all, that astonishingly good avocado burrito.

    You may love or hate -- I happen to love -- the half-dozen newsprint tables (I’m guessing purchased from a restaurant reseller after a Wendy’s closed?) crammed into the tiny dining area that you must squeeze yourself through, and if you don’t drink Pepsi products like me, your options are water or cheap beer. But order up, grab a seat inside, or outside at a picnic table inches from the cars whooshing down Poplar Level, and dig in.

    I’m a purist -- I want nothing but the burrito -- but some folks order the house made hot or mild sauce. (Make sure you follow the instructions on one of the signs plastered around the register and indicate your preference ahead of time.) The burrito is simple and perfect. Homemade Picco de Gallo – hand chopped (and the owner’s son has the scars to prove it) tomatoes, red onions, cilantro and a few other goodies – is packed into a soft burrito shell, followed by a generous bunch of sliced creamy avocados. That’s it. No beans or rice mess with this perfection. A few tortilla chips join the burrito on your Styrofoam plate (I never said they were green here) to help scoop up remainders of the filling that bursts out at first fork-poke.

    This slice of Heaven is yours for five and some change. A full menu of “California style Mexican” is also available but I’ve never tried anything else. Why would I?

    So go, and go now. Lolita’s is open Friday, but not the rest of the weekend.

    Lolita’s Taco
    4222 Poplar Level Rd
    Louisville, KY 40213-1593
    (502) 459-4356
    Closed Saturday and Sunday

    Lolita's Taco

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