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    In the movies, the creative process of aspiring writers and careworn authors is often treated to the time-saving humor of a montage.  Snowballs of crumpled paper pile around the corner wastebasket, comical mutterings and wild gesticulations punctuate the writer’s frustration, pens explode, computers freeze and that pesky-but-lovable dog and/or snarky-but-wise best friend keep our frazzled hero grounded with cute antics.  But what really happens to words on a page before they’re edited and glossed up for mass-consumption?  How does that smiling face on the dust jacket really create literary magic?   Girls attending Presentation Academy have the opportunity to find out the truth this Friday, September 16th from award-winning author Lisa Yee.

    Currently teaching at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Lisa Yee is the bestselling author of over 10 books of fiction for young adults, including the American Girl Kanani series.  Her most recent book, Warp Speed was published in March; other titles in Yee’s repertoire include Absolutely Maybe, So Totally Emily Ebers, Stanford Wong Flunks Big Time, and Millicent Min, Girl Genius.  Yee is also a recipient of numerous awards and accolades, such as the Sid Fleischman Humor Award, Family Choice Award and the Publishers Weekly Flying Start.     

    Using this experience, Yee’s writing workshop, “From Reader to Writer” will allow Presentation students the chance to explore the ins and outs of creating a book.  Attendees will investigate the amazing, strange and sometimes painful steps towards building a bestseller, as well as receive hints, tips and secrets to successful writing from a sage of the business.  With a writing resume spanning everything from TV and radio commercials to Red Lobster menus, Lisa Yee will use her talent, humor and knowledge to bridge the gap between writers and readers.   

    The workshop begins at 9:45am and will take place in the Presentation Academy Arts & Athletic Center located at 900 South Fourth Street.

    For more information about Lisa Yee and her books visit     

    Photo: Courtesy of Lisa Yee’s Website

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    I'm a Louisville native who transplanted home from Las Vegas recently. Don't ask. In my spare time I read a lot of books and drink gin. My soulmate is my 1994 turquoise Ford Ranger - they never made a finer truck. I still totally believe in the Loch Ness Monster. I just want to write for you.

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