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    Feathers are having a moment.  The popularity of the bird and its instruments of flight is evident from its presence in everything from décor motifs to the hair extensions of the hip.  Birds are, indeed, beautiful little creatures.  They populate our gardens and greet our mornings with bright songs.  It is really no surprise that so many find their aesthetics inspiring, and this crowd now includes some well-crowned company.  Former Kentucky Poet Laureate Richard Taylor will share thoughts on the life of James John Audubon, the inspiration for his latest collection of poems dedicated to our feathered friends; join Taylor at The Filson Historical Society this Wednesday, November 16th, at noon for selections from Rare Birds: Sonnets on the Life of James John Audubon.  

    A Louisvillian and former Kentucky Poet Laureate, Richard Taylor is a professor of English and currently serving as the Kenan Visiting Writer at Transylvania University.  Taylor is the published author of numerous works, including eight poetry collections, two novels and several books on Kentucky history.  Titles in his repertoire include Rail Splitter: Sonnets on the Life of Abraham Lincoln, the novel Sue Mundy and Fading Into Bolivia.  Taylor is the recipient of two creative writing fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and an Al Smith Creative Writing Award from the Kentucky Arts Council; he currently owns Poor Richard’s Books in Frankfort, Kentucky.  His most recent volume, Rare Birds, is a collection of sonnets reflecting on the life of American artist and ornithologist, James John Audubon.  

    Take a long lunch break and visit Taylor at The Filson Historical Society as he discusses the life of Audubon and the role he played in the movement of Rare Birds.  The lecture will begin at noon and will incur no cost from your checkbook; reservations are suggested.  Fly to Old Louisville and have your moment of poetry, history and feathered fancy.

    For reservations, visit The Filson’s website or call (502) 635-5083

    The Filson is located at 1310 S. Third St.

    Photo:  Courtesy of The Filson Historical Society website

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