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    First and foremost kudos Louisville concert goers, your concert etiquette greatly improved throughout the indoor concert series presented by WFPK.  

    Last night the house was packed, the crowd was relaxingly engaged, and the vibe was very quite uplifting overall.  Bobby Long, who had yet to hear prior to the show, really came out warmed things up wonderfully.  The British born Long is quite popular apparently as even the pretty people next to me picked up his latest release on vinyl (more points to them for the vinyl score) and one of the group, known mysterious only as 'Emily', maintained, with an excited eloquence, that she mainly came to see him!  Emily if you'd ever like to further school me on other artists, or ghost write my reviews, feel free to drop me a note as she was dead on with her taste in Bobby Long.  He was stellar, banged out tracks of his album 'Wishbone' and kept the crowd entertained with stories of his true affection for Louisville and also his 'beloved' Queen.

    With the crowd warmed up, Civil Twilight delivered exactly everything Steven McKellar, and company, promised last we spoke.  They crushed a few signature songs, worked in some new material, and the crowd responded with some dancing ladies throwing in the occasional 'WE LOVE YOU STEVEN!!'.  With a sound to me that resembles a hybrid of Radiohead and Muse, with a touch of an early Bono vocal, they remarkable pull off something quite unique.  Steven bounces from bass to piano seamlessly and the tracks were delivered with precision arrangements.  I wish them the best of luck with completing the writing of the next album and look forward to seeing everyone again.  It was a really perfect finale to the Winter Wednesday concert series really and a huge thanks to WFPK.


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