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    Bobcat Goldthwait doesn't make movies for morons
    "When you make a comedy now, if it's an R-rated comedy, it's really trying to get 13-year-old boys to buy it or see it," said Bobcat Goldthwait, writer and director of the new R-rated comedy "World's Greatest Dad."

    So does that thinking mean Goldthwait tailored that film to appeal to this big ticket-buying demographic? Um, not so much.

    "Teenagers are idiots and I don't want them to go to the movie," he said. "I didn't make it for them and I think they're really morons."

    Goldthwait will perform at The Improv Comedy Club (441 S. 4th St.) 8 p.m. on Aug. 4. General admission tickets are $20 and available online or at the box office.

    "World's Greatest Dad," starring Robin Williams, was released on Amazon Video On Demand last month. It opens in theaters in New York and Los Angeles on Aug. 21 before heading to other platforms around the country.

    Bobcat Goldthwait doesn't make movies for the masses or for bestiality fiends either
    "I always end up it seems at odds with what I'm going to call 'mainstream media and personalities,'" Goldthwait said. "The last two movies I made ["Sleeping Dogs Lie" and "Windy City Heat"], the furthest thing from my mind was trying to appeal to everyone."

    "And that's not someone who's licking his wounds going 'Boo-hoo,'" he said. "It's clearly not for everyone."

    "The last movie ["Sleeping Dogs Lie"], I jokingly say it's a romantic comedy but it had a tasteful amount of bestiality. That's a little part of the story because I needed something that would be impossible for most people to get past in a relationship," Goldthwait said.

    Some critics, however, couldn't get past the bestiality--not that it was in the movie, but that there wasn't enough of it.

    "There's a whole generation of reviewers and people who post on blogs that grew up where the Farrelly brothers had jizz in a lady's hair [a scene in "There's Something About Mary"]," he said. "They actually were disappointed that there wasn't an actual graphic scene of a woman trying to blow a dog."

    Bobcat Goldthwait prefers writing and directing to acting (especially costarring with a talking horse)
    "People confuse you if you're in a movie with the writing of it. That's really why I write and direct and I try not to be in things. The stuff I'm saying now is really how I feel about the world. When I was acting in 'Hot to Trot' that really didn't."

    Bobcat Goldthwait wants to read your college thesis
    "Those movies that people seem to talk to me about a lot or criticize me for are movies I made when most people were in college. Now, I still took the money and I still did the Grover voice. I'm guilty to a point," Goldthwait said.

    "But sometimes when these people are busting balls, I really wish I had their college thesis on my lap because I'm sure it's pretty cringe-worthy too."

    For more information: Read "Bobcat Goldthwait talks (in a normal voice) about his 'embarrassing' body of work, self-inflicted gunshot wounds to the face."

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