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    This four song follow-up album from Sol17 expresses a new sound and vibe. Spreading their musical wings and reaching towards a slightly different and more defining musical style, Sol17 is onto something. They music isn’t punk, it’s not emo, it’s not a copycat from a classic rock band, but rather a combination of the bands musical expression. Although I have to say I’m partial to the first album, I dig this one as well.

    Out of the four songs, ‘3/4 in c’ stands out and is one that I can keep on repeat. To find out more about Sol17 check out ://


    A few months back, the three members of Sol 17 took a long, sobering look at their budding career.  The band had certainly achieved some noteworthy accomplishments since releasing their first full-length album in the summer of 2002.  The group had garnered both critical and public acclaim in the Louisville, KY music press.  They'd seen increased exposure as a result, including a Derby Eve radio broadcast on WFPK's Live Lunch series, a showcase slot at the second annual MOM's Music Festival, and an impressive showing in the WHAS "Saturday Morning Superstar" contest.  And the group had certainly learned quite a bit about the business of music, sharpening their networking skills and taking advantage of regional conference and workshop opportunities.

    Still, the band had yet to achieve the seemingly simple task of defining their sound.  There was no easy answer for the blank on the showcase application or the question of the booking agent.  "I got kind of tired of mentioning the Bob Dylan comparisons," wryly notes lead singer and bassist Melissa Gaddie. However, those comparisons did help them realize the inescapable influence of such classic rock icons on their hard-to-pinpoint style.  Other influences were more nebulous in nature, so Gaddie, guitarist Ray Wegimont and drummer Drew Duvall did exactly what music critics frequently do when stumped by style - they invoked the quixotic "E" word.

     "If you think about it," says Gaddie with a shrug, "none of the bands labeled "emo" by the press really admit to aspiring to that particular designation.  We just thought we might as well cop to it."

    Now sufficiently defined, the trio was able to sp/files/storyimages/their energy working on a new release, recorded at the studio of co-producers John and Marion Dries, who Ray refers to as "the Viagra of the Louisville music scene."  The new 4-cut EP is more rock-oriented and less lo-fi than their previous efforts, and most importantly, it more accurately represents the sound of Sol 17.  It's a disc that all members of the band agree they can finally be proud of

    Sol 17 wisely resisted the temptation to title their new EP "Finding Emo," and opted for Breakthrough instead.  "It really is a breakthrough for us," Gaddie enthuses.  "In terms of sound, this record is light-years ahead of the first disc."

    For more information on Sol 17 and their new Breakthrough EP, contact Leslie Stewart at (502) 451-7569 or e-mail to:

    Praise for the self-titled full-length debut of Sol 17:

    "Sol 17's music grabs you and envelopes you in a sonic cocoon. Sometimes musingly soothing, sometimes plaintive and distinct - the music melds the wildly disparate backgrounds and personalities of the band members into a hypersonic melange that can be both contemplative and provocative, at the same time and in the best possible way."  Christopher Hall, The Courier-Journa

    "Inredibly simple, yet incredibly powerful rhythm guitar parts which weave in and out of the vocals . . . together, they create something very beautiful and very powerful!  . . . a performance that is captivating. Another great CD from a band out of Louisville!  I’m not sure what’s in the water down there, but I’m reasonably certain that whatever it is should be bottled and distributed! "  Mark Lush,

    "Sol 17’s music is natural and unpretentious . . ."  Kevin Gibson, LEO

    "Sol 17 builds music around great lyrics that do more than tell a story, but build a visual dreamland that listeners can picture while listening to the album."  Stacie Laker-Skinner,

    Other recognition

    Official Showcasing Artist, MEIC 2003 (Midwest Entertainment Industry Conference)

    Quarterfinalist, WHAS-AM ‘Saturday Morning Superstar’ contest

    Sol 17 is:

    Melissa Gaddie - vocals, bass

    Ray Wegimont - guitar

    Drew Duvall - drums

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