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    "But we burnt it just for you!" This an exclaimation from yet another local and dissatisfied customer of the Old Louisville Coffee Shop.

    I have lived in Old Lou for a while now, and have yet to meet anyone who truly appreciates the shop for anything other than the compulsory dose that they require in the morning, or free internet.

    When I first arrived in the nighborhood, I was relieved to see the cute, little independent store just around the corner. I am addicted to coffee.
    Now I turn my head in shame.

    What exactly she does to her coffee to make it so bad is what is in question.  Apparently, the coffee shop uses Sunergos coffee roasters, which the last time I checked, browns some of the best beans in town. I know of a number of other establishments that use it with utter success.

    So, how is it that not only myself, but everyone else who ventures to the promising, yet disappointing, coffee shop leaves with the feeling of discontent and literally a sour stomach?

    • Is it the fact that there’s very rarely coffee ready for you and you have to wait (sometimes 10 minutes or more)?
    • Is it the banal conversation that you must endure about the latest flagrancy and police involvement while you wait?
    • Is it  the fact that you have to wait at 8:43 in the morning, when you have places to be, just for a cup of coffee, listening to someone you don’t care about go on-and-on-and-on about that which you do not  care, and only to get a shitty cup of coffee.

    Let me answer for you...Yes!

    But wait...

    I love old Louisville. The houses are beautiful; it’s historic and inspiring.

    What I can’t understand is, don’t the people of this neighborhood have a need for something other than a poor cup of coffee and a weird place to not enjoy it in?

    I could brew for hours as to why is old Louisville forsaken from the rest of the city, but come on! 

    Two universities, one of the most opulent neighborhoods, tourists, and as many spoon fed bohemians as you could shoot in an Ikea; sounds like the grounds for a good cafe to me.

    Keep Louisville Weird, is Old Louisville is Weird Enough?

    Why do I have to deal with this when I just want a cup of coffee.

    We’ve been brewing coffee for over 3,000 years. In a pinch, do I really have to resort to the hidden jar of instant, which would be better?

    A coffee shop can make a community. Old Louisville doesn’t need a Heine Bros., although it would be nice, but no Starbucks.
    I just wish someone could give us a cup we can enjoy and be proud of.

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