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    The Silver Dollar is the place to be on Frankfort Avenue these days. The renovated firehouse turned gastro honky tonk is offering a brunch on the weekends featuring some of their delicious Southwestern fare. After a few late nights laden with Bourbon and bad decision making, I dragged myself out of bed, slapped on a pair of sunglasses and took my girlfriends for brunch. I love the drinks at The Silver Dollar (the Gold Rush is the alcoholic equivalent of the bliss accompanying a first kiss or a roller coaster ride or a breathtaking sunset. Try it.) and the food at dinner is marvelous; but I actually loved the brunch.    

    Cornmeal breaded fried oysters with Ancho Aioli are probably the best hangover cure in the whole world. These are, in my opinion, the best fried oysters in town, blending that salty savory crunch with that tender oyster flavor. The aioli that comes with it is just the right zip to compliment both the texture and tang of the fried oysters. The giant garage doors of the old firehouse were open, letting in a fair breeze and a splash of sunshine. Service was quick and kind, and the Christmas lights behind the bar were lit, providing a bit of a kitschy backdrop to our groggy morning banter. We ordered coffee (very strong, cowboy coffee with a few accidental grounds, but we didn't care) and lusted for the cocktails we were not allowed to have since it was Sunday before 1:00 pm and APPARENTLY that means something around these parts. It is enough to make a girl start carrying a flask of champagne to surreptitiously tip into her orange juice.

    The flank steak and eggs came cooked to order--perfectly, magnificently rare. It has been SO LONG since a breakfast place cooked my steak to the degree of rareness I like it; I was prostrate with glee. To top it off, the poblano sauce was fresh and creamy when mixed with the runny egg yolks. The Texas Toast stack (with bacon and cheese) was giant and filling, accompanied with crispy potato chips. We ordered a side of wheat toast with apricot marmelade and butter, soft and simple. We stuffed ourselves, and the brunch menu is actually a bit more affordable than the dinner menu, so were were utterly pleased with the whole experience. Brunch at The Silver Dollar is charming and toothsome, I will be visiting again (with my flask).

    photos: Elizabeth Orrick 

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