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    By Michelle Jones


    It’s better for me, both ethically and for reasons of health, to eat meat infrequently. This is not very difficult to do and I’m happy to eat a primarily vegetarian diet. Well, most of the time it’s not very difficult and I’m happy to eat vegetarian meals. And then summer comes. Summer is a bit difficult for me because I simply love a good burger and good burgers and summer are really a perfect couple. This summer I’ve fallen off the flexitarian wagon and have eaten more than my fair share of burgers. I can’t help it. I plan to be good but then I get to a restaurant that I know has good burgers and all resistance goes out the window.


    Here are three burgers that I’m guaranteed to order despite all my best vegetarian intentions.



    The Bison Burger at Proof on Mainhas bison, bacon and thick cheddar. That’s really all you need to know. OK fine, a couple more details. It’s thick, juicy and has jezebel sauce. It’s so sizable I’ve never been able to eat more than one half plus one bite. It is a bit pricey for a burger but dining at Proof is like getting into a contemporary art museum for free. So, really, you’re kind of getting a bargain.


    Did Kaelin’s really invent the cheeseburger? I don’t know. What I do know is that the thin, almost crisp cheeseburgers served up at Kaelin’s are mighty, mighty tasty. I also know that Monday is $2.00 cheeseburger night. Kaelin’s is a dining experience that everyone needs to dabble in from time to time and cheap cheeseburger night is a fine time to do it.


    The Backyard Barbecue Burger at Rafferty’s has been in my life longer than any other burger on this list. Before Rafferty’s was a chain of 22 restaurants in the southeastern United States it was one beloved restaurant in Bowling Green. I grew up just outside Bowling Green and so Rafferty’s is a beloved touchstone of my childhood. What can I tell you? My family likes to eat out. The Backyard Barbecue Burger is like an old friend you can always count on. Topped with shredded smoked cheddar, grilled onions and barbecue sauce, it’s served on a deliciously soft egg bun. It’s a burger I’ve never, ever been disappointed with it.


    A couple other burgers that are definitely worth your attention: the bison burger topped with blue cheese at Cumberland Brews and the big 1/2 pound burger at the Monkey Wrench.



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