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    Nicole Hayden of Pretty Little Diva and Curvy Girls Workout Too
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    Nicole Hayden a big dreamer, leader, trend setter, mentor and entrepreneur is a native of Louisville, KY. Her passions include serving others, pursuing new experiences and becoming a role model and mentor for younger generations. These passions have led her to pursue her dreams of becoming Ms. Kentucky Plus America, while currently serving as Ms. Jefferson County Plus America 2014.

    Nicole is most passionate about being a spokesperson for Curvy Girls Workout Too campaign, a fitness group she founded that focuses on women who want to get healthy, look, feel good and be fashionable while working out. She recently became a Zumba instructor and formed a fitness boot camp with over 25 members. Everyone knows that when you feel good about yourself, you get more done. Nicole is also the proud owner of Pretty Little Diva, which hosts stylish, mobile birthday parties for young girls. Focusing not only being pampered on the outside but being motivated on the inside as well. Nicole conducts a series of self-esteem workshops for young girls and women and plans to continue to do so throughout her year of reign.

    Winning the crown of Miss Kentucky Plus America pageant will help bring attention on issues that affect every woman and young girl. I spent a few minutes interviewing the lovely Nicole on how her personal style has impacted her decisions in business, life and the pageantry circuit. Check out the Q & A session after the jump!

    1. How has your own sense of style and person prepared you for hitting the pageant trail for Ms. Kentucky Plus America?  

    I would like to consider myself as a very confident fashionable diva. My curves are a canvas! I love to paint a picture of my fashion. Entering the Ms. Kentucky Plus America pageant would allow me to be proud of my curves and continue to inspire others with my motto of “Be Confident! Be Beautiful! Be You!”

    2. Tell us a little about Pretty Little Diva and Curvy Girls Workout Too?

    Curvy Girls Workout Too group is focused on women who want to get healthy, look, feel good and be fashionable while working out. Alongside of Curvy Girls Workout Too, I'm the proud owner of Pretty Little Diva, stylish mobile birthday parties for young girls. I strive to be a resource for parents, a positive example for young women, and the source of endless smiles and laughter for their little girl’s parties.

    3. What platforms are you campaigning on? 

    My platform is health and wellness, and specifically, fighting childhood obesity, to educate on nutrition and show that curvy girls work out too. It breaks my heart to see how many people in America, myself included, are uneducated when it comes to nutrition.

    4. Three fashion pieces you couldn’t live without? 

    Wow that is such a hard question I can only pick 3, lol: a pair of skinny jeans, a black boyfriend blazer, and a nude heal. All these pieces create a polished look that you can wear to work or out on the town.

    5. What do you want to teach the younger generation of girls out there when you win Ms. Kentucky Plus America?

    Winning the crown of Ms. Kentucky Plus America will help bring attention on issues that affects women, both curvy and not, and young girls. My vision is to build a generation of confident women throughout the world, by encouraging them find their fitness, honor their curves, and embrace a positive self-image and self-love.

    I want my Ms. Kentucky title to be the new trend that affects curvy young girls and women positively. Help build self-esteem, confidence that remains with them for a lifetime.

    For more information on Pretty Little Diva visit their website, Curvy Girls Workout Too on their Facebook, and to follow along on the pageant journey make sure to keep up with Nicole on her Facebook page!

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