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    Butterflies are extraordinary creatures for the colorful impact their delicate frames can make on any landscape. Expansion of city has cut into the native environments that butterflies prefer, and the workshop gives the participant an opportunity to counteract the effect of development. The perks of having the butterflies park it in your yard are various--some species take out undesirable insects, some species do a little pollination, some species just look good.

    Louisville Nature Center will be putting on a course--"Butterfly Gardening for Beginners"--April 2. The class lasts 10 to 11:30 Saturday morning. The butterfly species that are native to the Louisville area and the native plants that will attract them will be covered in the course. The instructor will review the typical life cycle of butterflies and the different ways to accommodate them from stage to stage. Learn how to customize your garden to encourage specific species to move into your yard.

    The class is being offered free of charge to the public (ages 13 and up), but the Louisville Nature Center appreciates it if participants RSVP at 458-1328 between 9am and 4pm, Monday through Saturday.

    Be the social butterfly you claim to be--make them feel at home!

    Photo Courtesy Zack Conkle

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