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    Disclosure (and not just because the Federal Trade Commission is going to start demanding it): I got $50 worth of gift certificates for food and drink from Buzztime to check out its new Fantasy Football game. I was not under any obligation to write about the experience--I'm doing that in hopes that relating the spanking my wife delivered to my now smarting hide will prove therapeutic.Despite a day's worth of NFL games on Sunday, Monday Night Football, Thursday night NCAA football and a day's worth of college football on Saturday, there was something missing--a reason to go to the bar on Wednesday night (Tuesday nights are for spending time with your lady). That's where Buzztime Fantasy Football comes in. On Wednesday night, head to any of the area's Buffalo Wild Wings (as well as many other bars) with some friends, draft your teams and then check your results on the Buzztime Fantasy Football website after the week's games end on Monday night. Yes, you draft a new team each week. Only I have no friends--or at least at the advanced age of 33 I have no friends without kids who could get out of the house on a Wednesday night, even with the promise of free food and booze (I hate you guys). So my wife, being the sole person on the planet who is sworn to tolerate me accompanied me. While the roster on a Buzztime Fantasy Football team is similar to how many fantasy leagues operate (two QBs, two RBs, two WRs, one TE, one K and a team defense), the draft is a bit different. Rather than having the pick of any player in the NFL, the Buzztime screen shows five options for each position. For example, your QB1 has to come from the list of five quarterbacks on the first screen, your QB2 has to come from a second list of five players at that position. And a player can be picked by more than one team. Here's my team, along with the rationale for my picks:
    • QB1: D. Brees--best QB in fantasy football
    • QB2: M. Cassel--best QB of the available options
    • RB1: A. Peterson--best RB in fantasy football
    • RB2: P. Thomas--best RB of the available options
    • WR1: A. Johnson--best WR in fantasy football who didn't have a bye
    • WR2: S. Smith--he's been super hot of late
    • TE: V. Davis--he's been super hot of late
    • K: Keading--the best K in fantasy football
    • D: Giants--a good D with a great matchup that week
    My wife's logic for her picks probably went something like this:
    • QB1: A. Rodgers--anyone who got Brett Favre's old job must be good
    • QB2: K. Orton--she has a soft spot for men who look like the end guy in "Goonies"
    • RB1: W. McGahee--names with consecutive vowels are funny
    • RB2: S. Slaton--her dad works at WVU, Slaton's alma mater
    • WR1: R. Moss--she'd heard of him
    • WR2: S. Smith--she confused him with the other Steve Smith
    • TE: C. Cooley--names with consecutive vowels are funny
    • K: R. Longwell--any K with "long" in his name must be good
    • D: Broncos--she likes horses
    The result? My wife kicked my butt 132-107. The only player I picked who had a great week, Steve Smith, she picked as well. Does Buzztime Fantasy Football top Countdown Trivia--one of my favorite pastimes (I came close to minoring in it in college)? I prefer instant gratification--and I'm also good at trivia. Would I play the fantasy football game again? To get my dignity back, yes. For more information: Looking for something to do this weekend? Read Zach's weekend picks for Louisville: Race for a cure, groove and dance, go go to a graveyard

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    I'm a freelance writer, focusing on travel, food, and A&E. I've contributed to Condé Nast Traveler, Lonely Planet, Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, Air Canada's enRoute, Gawker Media's Gridskipper and Deadspin, USA Today, BlackBook, and Curbed. Previously I was a senior editor at Aol Travel and MapQuest. And, before that, director of content and editorial strategy for I also was the founding editor of Eater Louisville. Washington, DC based. Boston born. Kentucky Colonel.

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