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    The 140th Kentucky Derby delivered fast horses and fanciful hats, as it does every year; but this afternoon, there was a particularly fierce presence gracing Churchill Downs.

    Two words: Johnny Weir.

    The Olympic figure skating champion, turned NBC Olympic correspondent, played fashion commentator with Tara Lipinski during today’s Derby festivities. And, as usual, he was witty, snarky and all-round fabulous—thus making this Louisville girl feel a little less homesick while watching the races on television out-of-town.

    Not to mention his hat was perfection.

    After continually rewinding the Derby broadcast for the sole purpose of watching (and imitating) Weir’s endearing mannerisms, I sent out this text to a few friends: “I basically want him at every Louisville event...ever.”

    While this scenario is unlikely—alright, highly unlikely—that didn’t keep me from mentally supplementing some less-iconic Kentucky events with Johnny Weir’s presence.

    The Polar Plunge

    Weir arrives at the Ohio River. He comments to fellow spectators that he spent 17 years on the ice, and that he doesn’t feel the need to freeze this morning. While he declines to remove his fur, he gives out plenty of air-hugs to participants.

    The Miss Kentucky Pageant

    Johnny Weir starts the evening as a judge, at some point ends up on stage, and ends the night as a beauty queen.

    Championship Rodeo

    Similar to the pageant narrative. There’s just a bull involved, and he doesn’t win a crown.

    Thunder Over Louisville

    Even when lounging at Waterfront, Johnny is the epitome of style.

    So, Louisvillians-- are there any other events where you'd like to see Johnny Weir? If so Tweet us, Facebook us or comment below! We'd love to hear from you.

    Photo and GIFS courtesy of Tumblr

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