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    Adidas has selected the University of Louisville once again as a team for a new jersey style during the post-season.
    I believe any March Madness fan still remembers Louisville’s translucent orange jerseys during last year’s NCAA Tournament. Despite being more orange than the ball, the Cards actually did quite well in their alternate uniforms, reaching the final four- losing only once in the semi-final game against Kentucky.

    This year though, Adidas has selected the Cards and two other schools to model their newest jerseys; which have been dubbed the Adizero jerseys, last year’s were called actually InfraRed uniforms, which is ironic because Louisville actually lost their red to sport them.

    Louisville in the 2012 NCAA Tournament, I'd like to actually point out the socks for a minute, they are simply amazing.

    Cincinnati, also a red based team, had a similar fate

    Then again, the Baylor jerseys were well...look enough people made fun of those I'd feel bad about saying anything here

    Alright that was the last joke about last year’s jerseys- probably, we’ll see. In any case, the new Adizero jerseys are indeed red and black, but feature short sleeves and a camouflage design on the shorts, which looks a lot better than the bitter hand Adidas dealt to UCLA and Notre Dame, but I digress. An additional feature is a patch on the back of the Jerseys which reads “Cards Forever.”

    Here is the complete Adizero line, and the team's that will be wearing them in the post-season

    Both Louisville’s men’s and women’s basketball teams will be wearing these new jerseys as they each go into the post-season.

    Speaking of which Louisville’s men’s team currently stands at number ten nationally with a 22-5 record, and prior to the Big East tournament the Cards will travel to Syracuse on Saturday, followed by a brief homecoming where they’ll meet up with Cincinnati (March 4th) and Notre Dame (March 9th) at home. Following the matchup with the Irish, the Cards will travel to New York March 12th for the opening of their 2013 conference tournament. 

    Meanwhile the women’s team is at number sixteen in the rankings with a 22-6 record, and have only one game until their tournament; at Syracuse on March 4th. The 2013 women’s Big East tournament tips off with round one in Hartford, Connecticut March 8th. 

    Images courtesy of, The Eastbay Blog,, Static 3, Extra Mustard

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