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    Carmichael’s hosts Junie B. Jones ‘Stupid Smelly Bus Tour’ at local libraries th
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    As I’m sure you can imagine, there are quite a number of books in the Day household (films, too).  Shelf space is a precious commodity, and the ever-shifting feng shui of our (admittedly over-stuffed) four and a half bookshelves (five if you count the two-shelver in Wee Day’s room) is often the subject of an entire afternoon’s conversation.  We have sections.  We have a system.  We have methods-so-complicated-that-I-will-often-need-to-consult-my-husband-before-returning-a-book-the-shelf.  But all mentions of our respective “International Philosophy”, “Religious Texts” and “Foreign Language” partitions aside, there is still (a little) room devoted quite simply to “Children’s”.  And by “Children’s” I am referring to the introspective youngster who spent much of her formative years embodying literary nerdom while not brushing her hair.  I mean me.  And while my nostalgia corner may not have any representation from Miss Junie B. Jones, my 8-year-old self can surely appreciate the fan-girl glory bubbling around the upcoming “Stupid Smelly Bus Tour”.

    Juniper Beatrice “Junie B.” Jones is the starring character of the popular series first introduced to young readers in 1992.  Authored by Barbara Park, Junie B. has embarked on the trials and tribulations of kindergarten, first grade, family and friendship over the course of two decades and some 29 books of adventure, attitude and lemon pie.  Although still unlicensed, Junie B. now brings her own brand of fun from page to pavement as she entertains fans in-person with a live, theatrical performance – the respectably-titled “Stupid Smelly Bus Tour”.  Sponsored by Random House Children’s Books, the Junie B. gang will make a pit stop in Kentuckiana this upcoming Monday, June 18th, at both the Louisville Free Public Library’s Main branch and the Jeffersonville Township Public Library

    The bestselling Miss B. will star in a live show portraying her finest moments, meet fans and dish up some fun giveaways and an “official book stamping”.  The big, pink bus (which is also alleged to be smelly) will make the rounds in Louisville at 10:30am and end the day in Jeffersonville at 3pm.  Bring your kids (or your inner child) and join Carmichael’s Bookstore in welcoming Junie B.’s hilarious antics to the delight of gregarious nerds and nerdettes all over town.       

    The Louisville Free Public Library’s Main Branch is located at 301 York Street, while the Jeffersonville Township Public Library can be found at 211 East Court Avenue.

    For more information, visit the event page at the Carmichael’s website.

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