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    You can bump into someone in the grocery store and realize you went to school together or were neighbors growing up on the same street. You could also find it surprising that the highest profile criminal case of the year has a connection right here in your fine city. The world really is small. Attorney Dorothy Clay Sims has been a member of the Casey Anthony defense team for the last nine months or so and is the older sister of Attorney and former Jefferson District Judge Benham J. Sims III who resides here in Louisville.

    When asked how he felt about his sister and this week’s verdict, Sims said "I was certainly tuned in the other day when the verdict was read, and I saw my sister having trouble swallowing and you could tell she was very nervous and very concerned about the outcome."

    Sims also went on to say that he's hoping that the people who are upset about the outcome of the Casey Anthony trial will take action by volunteering at their local Center for Women and Families and the Home of the Innocents.

    Though touching, Sims’ words will likely fall on deaf ears for a lot of the followers of the controversial trial regardless of where they live. It is hard to imagine that someone could receive such mild punishment for such apparently horrific acts. The operative word there is “apparently.”

    It is times like these when many will curse the justice system and want to crucify all of those who uphold such verdicts as the one heard this week in Florida. However, it is the very same justice system that keeps hundreds of thousands of completely innocent people from being stripped unfairly of their freedoms every year. People will scoff at this and call that the official cop-out of the justice system, but it’s true.

    It is by our great Constitution of the U.S. that we are all entitled to a fair trial – guilty or innocent. Someone must still stand up for their country and represent the “apparently” guilty to the best of their abilities. It is that principle which keeps our justice system just and fair to all.

    Here’s what many were saying on their Twitter accounts this week:

    Dorothy Clay Sims is no better than those Taliban members who cheered after the events of 9/11.”

    “I pray Dorothy Clay Sims moves far, far away from Ocala! Her and her haircut are no longer welcome in this town. #dorothylovesbabykillers.”

    “Dorothy Sims another CA baby killer follower! Soo pulled in by CA's spell! Sick! #caseyanthony.”

    This is a controversial trial filled with emotion all the way to the brim and while I hurt for Caylee and her loved ones, I think some of the words used against Sims are a little harsh. Granted, even if I were mentally or ethically capable of defending someone like Casey Anthony, I don’t think I’d be caught celebrating quite the way she did (just looks flat out bad). I will again point out though, someone must do that job. Someone must accept that role along with all the baggage that goes with it. Independence Day literally JUST happened. We can't forget the freedoms by which we claim to stand and we shouldn't tear down those whose jobs' they are to uphold them.  

    It’s my belief that Casey Anthony will be judged again one day – without the help of a defense team. May Caylee rest in peace. 

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