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    Johnny Velazquez and James Graham
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    Down the Stretch


    • 1.5 parts Grey Goose Le Citron
    • 3 parts sweetened ice tea
    • 0.5 part lime juice
    • 1/3 part sugar syrup
    • 0.5 part Chambord Raspberry Liquor


    1. Fill a cocktail shaker with all of the ingredients.
    2. Shake vigorously and strain.
    3. Serve in a highball glass with cubed ice and garnish with lemon, mint, and raspberry

    Grey Goose Zenyatta Cocktail


    • 1 ¼ oz. Grey Goose Le Citron
    • 2 ½ oz. Simply Pink Lemonade


    1. Fill serving glass with ice and pour in Le Citron and pink lemonade.
    2. Garnish with a mint sprig.

    Photo: Zach Everson


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