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    It's above freezing outside! Yay! That means that this evening, the scenic loop at Cherokee Park will host a parade of runners, walkers, bikers and guys who drive at 5 miles per hour while undressing the female runners with their eyes. Sound good?

    Before you go, check what these helpful Yelp reviewers have to say about the park. Yes, you can review a park! Who knew?

    Chris S. says:

    "only rarely do I find dog poop that hasn't been picked up, frisbee players...well they're dipshits who should know not to play next to groups of people on picnic blankets, but I guess that's why they're not doing activities that require higher levels of motor function."

    Jori G. has had some good times in the park:

    "I've seen and pretty much done everything here: from cutting school to walk about the hidden dirt trails, to breaking up with a boyfriend at 2am next to the Witch's Hat and even getting lost for over an hour while attempting to drive home at 4am after the bar (oops)."

    So has Matthew S.:

    "things to do in Cherokee Park (chronologically)

    Age 10: take a nature walk with your mom and dad
    Age 11: fly kites; cross country ski in the winter with your Dad
    Age 12: ride bikes; play with other people's dogs at Dog Hill
    Age13: mountain bike
    Age 14: write really bad nature poetry
    Age 15: smoke cigarettes after school
    Age 16: cut school and go here by yourself after your girlfriend dumps you the night before.
    Age 17: smoke a lot of weed and drive around at night with no headlights listening to Zeppelin
    Age18: wish you were ages 10-17 and didn't have to worry about going to real jail for smoking weed in Cherokee Park

    ** thanks Mr. Olmstead"

    However, Jim G. hates the hills:

    "I got a lot of runs in Cherokee over the past year, yay for me! The 2.4 mile "loop" is tough, man, and includes "Hill of Death" and "Son/Daughter of Hill of Death"."

    And Terry M. recommends not running there shirtless when you're working on a political campaign and a thunderstorm is imminent:

    "I was there working on a political campaign and once passed by our opponent when I was jogging shirtless, and wisely decided not to get into an argument.  I also unwisely decided to go out running in the pouring rain once, figuring that a little rain never hurt anyone, and forgetting that a little lightning absolutely has hurt anyone.  The worst part is that it took two fairly close calls for me to give up and sneak back home."

    cover photo courtesy of Louisville Metro 
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