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    Last night was the first performance of Chicago at the Jewish Community Center. Before last night, I had never been to a production at CenterStage. The venue was very intimate. I was amazed at how much was accomplished on such a small stage, especially the dance numbers and the set up for live musicians.

    The production was very well cast. I was highly impressed with Whitney Trowbridge’s performance as Velma Kelly. She presented just the right amount of spunk and sarcasm one expects from Velma Kelly. Her vocal performance was just as amazing; she hit every note perfectly with utmost passion. The rest of the cast, including Kate E. Reedy as Roxie Hart and Pete Lay as Billy Flynn, did an amazing job. The dances and harmonies were spot on. I could tell the production as a whole was very well rehearsed.

    I only wish the flapper style had been more prominent. I felt more like I was watching a Victoria’s Secret ad than something set in the roaring ‘20s. The lingerie made sense for All That Jazz and the Cell Block Tango, but I would’ve enjoyed seeing some flapper styles for songs like We Both Reached for the Gun and Razzle Dazzle. The play moved so quickly, though, that costume changes probably would’ve been impossible.

    CenterStage definitely made a good first impression. I wouldn’t have even known about the theater had I not recently Google searched Louisville productions of Sweeney Todd, which will start October 23rd and run through November 9th. I feel like CenterStage is a hidden gem in Louisville, and I highly recommend it. I also highly recommend this production of Chicago. It was a great performance, and a fun night out! Tickets are just $20 in advance and $22 at the door, and the show runs through September 20th. For more information or to buy tickets online, click here... and all that jazz.  

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    Hi! My name is Jenna. I am a music teacher at a primary school. I love teaching because you get to feel like a rockstar without all the fuss of being famous. My hobbies include cosplay, reading, music, traveling, and collecting vintage clothes and records.

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