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    It's really inevitable, isn't it. The lack of desire to get out of bed, to tackle new challenges, to NOT begrudge those that seem to hum right along during the time of year when things just seem a little darker. It happens every year starting around Halloween and not ending really until the grass starts to turn green again. It's called Seasonal Affective Disorder (ironically SAD for short), and I'm not the only one I know of that "suffers" from this. I have to use quotes because, although it's a very real phenomenon, you can take fairly easy measures to combat it. The list of symptoms of SAD include afternoon slumps with decreased energy and concentration, decreased interest in work or other activities, depression that starts in fall or winter, increased appetite with weight gain - most of which leads to some sort of "anti social" feeling, precisely at the time of year when you're supposed to spend great quality time with your family and friends. So what to do? Well for starters, the lack of sunlight is a large cause of SAD. Sunlight floods you with Vitamin D (the science of which I'll never understand) to help balance out your hormones. Hey...great news! You can buy Vitamin D over the counter. Exercise also works well for me, but the problem that non SAD sufferers don't understand is the motivation. If I had the drive and energy this time of year to get off the couch, walk into a social environment like a gym ('s cold out there), and start moving around, I probably wouldn't be in this predicament in the first place. Both of these measures are all-natural ways to balance things out. Plus, the feeling that you've accomplished something will feed the good vibes and get you through to spring. And that's really all you need, right?

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