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    Cirque Dreams: Holidaze at the Palace Theater was an amazing display of acrobatic talent, performance art, and music.  The set and costumes made me send the following update to FaceBook:  “Never seen so much sparkle on one stage.”

    The costumes and sets actually crossed each other’s boundaries. I really enjoyed the mobile sets. For example, huge 30-foot-tall snowmen drifted on by behind the acrobatic performers and singers. Upon closer inspection, I discovered they were actually costumes. The lowest button on the snowman’s torso was a performer’s head poking through. This is just one example of the moving scenery worn by the chorus of performers. Other interesting scenery pieces included juke boxes, cars, carts, rocking chairs and more. The set was breathtaking and it seemed that every costume had some sort of glitter and sparkle on it.

    I really enjoyed the creativity of a man balancing on round tubes and shelves as penguins roller bladed around him. I may just be partial to  the fact that there were penguins on skates.  Some other notable acts included a group of trick bicycle performers, aerial silks performance,jugglers, contortionists, and an amazing quick change duo. My son was most impressed with the quick change duo who changed from one outfit to the next with amazing speed. It boggles the mind to wonder how the girls dress changes so quickly as to be different within the amount of time it takes a bunch of confetti  to fall over top of her. 

    Even more impressive were the two children in the show. They showed amazing strength, flexibility and professionalism. The young girl was tossed all over the stage in adorable striped tights, and later  the young boy was flipped over and over again by his partners feet. I would be a nervous wreck if I were either of their parents.

    The final act of the show was a breathtaking silks performance with angel wings floating over the stage as the dancers/silks performers gave a romantic and beautiful performance in the air.  the entire area over the stage was a beautiful landscape of wings.

    The singers had impeccable voices and the overall show made me want to attend any Cirque Dreams performance in the future. It was well worth the cost of tickets and deserved the standing ovation received.   I would recommend it to any person or family who enjoys a sense of wonderment, humor, and highly skilled performers from all over the world.


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