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    Okay folks, you have a significant opportunity to see an amazing act and redeem your level of concert etiquette.  Seeing that the last time I made a Winter Wednesday at the Clifton Center, people thought they were still outside for 'Waterfront Wednesday' walking and talking during the show basically lacking courtesy, we have a chance for redemption.  That would be much to the delight of Steven McKellar, lead vocalist and bass player for Civil Twilight, as I had the chance to speak to Steven recently, he is very keen for the band's return to Louisville and really loves an engaged crowd be it 30 thousand or 3 hundred.

    Civil Twilight has been around for over 6 years delivering quality Indie/Alt rock that you may have even heard unbeknownst to you.  Their self titled first album saw many tracks making television appearances, they've played Zanzabar and Headliners, and even appeared at 2010's Forecastle Festival.  Of course I didn't realize this when we spoke, managed to fit my entire foot in my mouth, but you can all cut me some slack as I didn't live here during that time.  Since their last local appearance there has been a new addition, with Kevin Daily joining on keys and backing vocals, about this time last year when their latest album 'Holy Weather' was released.  Having played with the likes of Florence and the Machine, Of Monsters and Men, and Silversun Pickups, you can guarantee they'll be coming up from Nashville ready for a great one.

    Wednesday you can expect a mix of new tracks and roughly 5-6 signature songs, as the band is working on a new album and we are fortunate to be one of the dates on a sporadic batch of shows they are playing in parallel with writing.  One note of interest is that Steven is digging on Father John Misty lately, and we all know how rocking that show was, so I'm really looking forward to it.  I ensured Steven that we are all looking forward to the visit, actually, let's get dancing like the Whitehorse show, and really welcome Civil Twilight back properly.  You can hear 'River' (a bit apropos for our fair city) on WFPK in regular rotation, but I'd rather avoid footing my mouth again so look forward to seeing everyone Wednesday at 7!

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