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    Comedy Caravan presents 'Troll 2' tonight [Movies]
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    We have previously discussed the appeal of terrible movies – movies “so bad they’re good,” such as personal favorites “The Wizard of Gore,” “Glen or Glenda,” “Showgirls,” and “Zardoz” (which may in actuality be good… maybe – it’s a weird thing). Tonight, Comedy Caravan presents a screening of one of the many films considered to be “the worst ever made”: “Troll 2.”

    If you have not seen “Troll,” do not despair: “Troll 2” has absolutely nothing to do with the first film, although it began life as a sequel. “Troll 2” tells the story of a family terrorized by goblins. The goblins, which are vegetarians, are dead set on turning these people into vegetables fit for consumption.

    Interestingly, this idea came about because many friends of the director’s wife had recently become vegetarians, “and this pissed me off.” What better way to express frustration with your friends than by passive-aggressively having your husband creating a terrible movie about the issue?

    In addition to “Troll 2,” there will be a screening of short film “Trepan,” made by Roni Jonah, who will be in attendance. Trepanning is the ancient medical practice of drilling a hole into a person’s head in order to treat health problems. (Naturally, skull-drilling in modern medicine is a much safer and more exact science, and the hole is always fixed up.) The film “Trepan” follows a group of stoner friends who decide to drill holes into their heads in order to achieve a “permanent high” – with horrific results.

    It all starts at 8:00 this evening at the Comedy Caravan, which is located at 1250 Bardstown Road, in Mid-City Mall. Admission is $6.00; further information and advance ticket sales can be found at the Comedy Caravan website.

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