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    Diabetes is a disease that has affected every person in this nation. It is one disease that sometimes cannot be controlled and other times can. A lot of people are born with it; others can get it from becoming overweight. If you would like to learn more about this disease Louisville’s Public Health and Wellness department is providing classes in February on the 2, 9, 16, and 23 of the month.

    Each of these classes will be held over different aspects of the disease. So you should try to be involved in each of these classes. The classes will be held at the Catholic Enrichment Center (3146 W. Broadway). The classes are free, so if you have the chance to go out I highly recommend it. If you have diabetes or someone in your family does, even a friend who has it; this is the best way to learn about the disease and take steps to take care of yourself and others.

    The first class on February 2 is called “What is Diabetes? Monitoring, Nutrition Basics—What is a carbohydrate?” This class will help people to understand diabetes and keep it under control. Family member should go to this class so they understand the disease more. This can make it less stressful on those who have the disease. Also, not having to keep explaining why it is important that they eat specific things and stay away from others will be less stressful.

    The second class is on February 9 and is about “Dealing with sick days and acute complications, Medications, Carbohydrate counting—putting it into practice.” This is a good follow up class to the first one, especially for those with the disease. Knowing how to keep this disease under control and knowing what is best for you body is the best way to deal with this disease. Family members will get a lot out as well, because they will be able to help with those sick days and understand in full the impact they can have on those with the disease.

    The third class is February 16 and is about “Staying healthy and taking care of yourself, Carbohydrate counting, fats, sodium and label reading.” This will help with a refresher on counting carbs as well as understanding the food we put in our bodies. If you don’t go to the first classes but attend this one I believe it will do a lot for you as well as others. Knowing and being able to teach others the ideas from this class will be an amazing asset and help to keep you healthy.

    The final class is on February 23 and is about “Taking care of your feet, weight loss and maintenance, exercise, and healthy coping.” This is a class even people not worried about diabetes can attend (in my opinion). This will give hope and healthy benefits to everyone trying to make a healthier lifestyle change. But those with diabetes because of their weight should attend this. If you have diabetes because of your weight and is still in early stages you might be able to reverse this from healthy lifestyle changes. This class will help you to achieve this goal.

    So if you have the chance to attend these classes. They are free and available to everyone. Help make Louisville a healthier and more knowledgeable place for one of the most common diseases found in America. I urge everyone to try these classes.

    Photo by Alliance Medical Center

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