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    08/08/07 Ben NicholsThe Rudyard Kipling
    08/08/07 Cory BrananThe Rudyard Kipling
    08/10/07 Sister Hazel4th Street Live!
    08/11/07 Col. Bruce & The Quark AllianceHideaway Saloon 
    08/11/07 "Sounds Of The Underground"Waverly Hills
    08/11/07 BehemothWaverly Hills
    08/11/07 ChimairaWaverly Hills
    08/11/07 Darkest HourWaverly Hills
    08/11/07 Every Time I DieWaverly Hills
    08/11/07 GWARWaverly Hills
    08/11/07 HatebreedWaverly Hills
    08/11/07 Job For A CowboyWaverly Hills
    08/11/07 Lamb Of GodWaverly Hills
    08/11/07 Shadows FallWaverly Hills
    08/11/07 The Acacia StrainWaverly Hills
    08/11/07 The Devil Wears PradaWaverly Hills
    08/11/07 The Number Twelve Looks Like YouWaverly Hills
    08/15/07 "Miller Lite Hot Country Nights"4th Street Live!
    08/15/07 Danielle Peck4th Street Live!
    08/15/07 Patty GriffinW.L. Lyons Brown Theatre
    08/15/07 Scott MillerW.L. Lyons Brown Theatre
    08/16/07 Rory BlockClifton Center
    08/16/07 Jason AldeanFreedom Hall
    08/16/07 Rascal FlattsFreedom Hall
    08/16/07 Alice CooperKentucky State Fair
    08/17/07 "American Idols Live"Kentucky State Fair
    08/17/07 Blake LewisKentucky State Fair
    08/17/07 Chris RichardsonKentucky State Fair
    08/17/07 Chris SlighKentucky State Fair
    08/17/07 Gina GlocksenKentucky State Fair
    08/17/07 Haley ScarnatoKentucky State Fair
    08/17/07 Jordin SparksKentucky State Fair
    08/17/07 Kool & The GangKentucky State Fair
    08/17/07 Lakisha JonesKentucky State Fair
    08/17/07 Melinda DoolittleKentucky State Fair
    08/17/07 Phil StaceyKentucky State Fair
    08/17/07 Sanjaya MalakarKentucky State Fair
    08/18/07 Dierks BentleyFreedom Hall
    08/18/07 Black Stone CherryKentucky State Fair
    08/18/07 Kellie PicklerKentucky State Fair
    08/18/07 SalivaKentucky State Fair
    08/18/07 Trace AdkinsKentucky State Fair
    08/18/07 Dirt Poor RobinsPhoenix Hill Tavern
    08/19/07 The Oak Ridge BoysKentucky State Fair
    08/20/07 MercyMeKentucky State Fair
    08/21/07 Eric ChurchKentucky State Fair
    08/21/07 Gary AllanKentucky State Fair
    08/21/07 Modest MouseLouisville Gardens
    08/22/07 Chris KnightGerstle's
    08/22/07 Jay and The AmericansKentucky State Fair
    08/22/07 Lou ChristieKentucky State Fair
    08/22/07 Lesley GoreKentucky State Fairgrounds
    08/23/07 Jo Dee MessinaKentucky State Fair
    08/23/07 Steve HolyKentucky State Fair
    08/23/07 Centro-MaticPhoenix Hill Tavern
    08/23/07 Jason IsbellPhoenix Hill Tavern
    08/24/07 SwitchfootKentucky State Fair
    08/25/07 Michael EnglishCarmichael Community Church
    08/25/07 Comeback KidHeadliners
    08/25/07 SilversteinHeadliners
    08/25/07 Blake SheltonKentucky State Fair
    08/25/07 Tracy LawrenceKentucky State Fair
    08/25/07 Hilary DuffLouisville Palace Theatre
    08/25/07 The Click FiveLouisville Palace Theatre
    08/25/07 Mark OlsonThe 930
    08/26/07 Michael EnglishCarmichael Community Church
    08/26/07 Def LeppardKentucky State Fair
    08/26/07 ForeignerKentucky State Fair
    08/26/07 StyxKentucky State Fair
    08/26/07 Zac HarmonStevie Ray's Blues Bar 
    08/27/07 Meat PuppetsHeadliners
    08/29/07 Adrienne Young & Little SadieWFPK Waterfront Wednesdays
    08/31/07 Dirt Poor RobinsTailgater's
    08/31/07 The EldersWorldFest
    09/01/07 Kenny RogersLouisville Palace Theatre
    09/02/07 Watermelon SlimStevie Ray's Blues Bar
    09/02/07 ChthonicUncle Pleasant's
    09/07/07 Alejandro EscovedoHeadliners
    09/07/07 Carried AwayNortheast Christian Church
    09/07/07 Jump 5Northeast Christian Church
    09/07/07 Sammy WardNortheast Christian Church
    09/07/07 pureNRGNortheast Christian Church
    09/07/07 Craig MorganO'Malley's
    09/08/07 Dottie RamboFern Creek Christian Center
    09/08/07 John PrineLouisville Palace Theatre
    09/10/07 Crystal RiverFreedom Hall
    09/10/07 Ben HarperLouisville Palace Theatre
    09/10/07 Piers FacciniLouisville Palace Theatre
    09/10/07 AnchormenNational Quartet Convention
    09/10/07 Jerry GoffNational Quartet Convention
    09/10/07 Old Time Gospel Hour QuartetNational Quartet Convention
    09/10/07 The PfeifersNational Quartet Convention
    09/10/07 Tribute QuartetNational Quartet Convention
    09/10/07 Tab BenoitStevie Ray's Blues Bar
    09/11/07 Crystal RiverFreedom Hall
    09/11/07 Louis XIVLouisville Palace Theatre
    09/11/07 The KillersLouisville Palace Theatre
    09/11/07 Gold CityNational Quartet Convention
    09/11/07 Jerry GoffNational Quartet Convention
    09/11/07 Tribute QuartetNational Quartet Convention

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