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    Tyler Deeb, the creator of Coil coffee chiller, recalls the first time he tasted iced coffee from his friend’s, Chris Heiniger, hand crafted concept that turned hot coffee into a fresh ice cold brew. “He was using a handmade heat exchange chiller made from an ice cream bucket with a bunch of coil crammed inside of it. I was really impressed,” said Deeb. The excellent quality that was maintained in the process launched Deeb into collaborating with Heiniger to create the Kickstarter success, Coil. 

    Just 48 hours after Deeb created the Kickstarter for Coil, the funding was met and the pre-orders have been flowing in ever since. Deeb’s passion for the local coffee culture of Louisville stems from his experience working at the local coffee shop, Quills Coffee. The graphic designer developed quite the pallet for pristine coffee and with his background in design, it was only inevitable that Deeb was going to snatch up the opportunity to change the coffee game as we know it.

    According to Coil’s Kickstarter page, “without ever touching ice-- Coil can drop the temperature of your freshly made coffee from 210 degrees to 48 degrees in under four minutes.” Sounds easy enough. Comprised of four ceramic pieces, Coil allows coffee lovers to drink the brewed beverage at its best, shortly after it’s made, preserving the full flavor of a good cup of joe. Brew directly into Coil or pour fresh brew through nine feet of coiled quarter inch stainless steel tubing that is wrapped tightly inside the middle container. Fill the middle container with ice and cold water and within four minutes you can directly pour the fresh ice cold coffee to grab and go. Coil is the one and only of its kind on the market and is made in America. “There’s nothing about Coil that makes coffee better. It makes your good coffee cold,” said Deeb. 

    The coffee connoisseur detected the problem with iced coffee as the quality of the coffee has be sacrificed when it is introduced to cooling elements like ice. Diluting a potentially excellent cup of iced coffee is no longer an issue as Coil gets read of the hard work.“You’re able to maintain all of the quality of the coffee because the coffee never comes into contact with anything that would change it’s flavor profile. If you were to pour fresh coffee over ice you would add a lot of knew elements,” said Deeb. 

    Currently Deeb is on the hunt to get Coil in stores, but in the meantime wholesale orders begin this June. You can check out more of Deeb’s products at Misc. Goods Co. Some of the products you’ll find there include hand designed decks of cards (Deeb’s first successful Kickstarter project,) flasks, wallets, and graphic T’s. “It started off with playing cards and now I’m on coffee and in between I did a wallet and a did a flask,” said Deeb. The designing tycoon accredits his unique range of product design to whatever he sees has a story, creating boundless possibilities for Misc. Goods Co. 

    Pre-order Coil now on Deeb’s website and receive it this May. This product is worth a pretty penny, $259 to be exact, but isn’t chilled iced coffee sans the dilution worth the investment?  I’d say so.




    Photo and video courtesy of the Coil Kickstarter page 


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