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    So, you've managed to crawl home from the

     Kentucky Derby

     infield, an inebriated and exhausted mess. You crash - hopefully in a bed rather than a bathtub or dark alley - then blissfully snore though the rest of the night. But now it's late mid-morning, and you have awakened with a raging headache. The light hurts your eyes, you're lethargic, and mad thirsty.

    Yep, you have a hangover.

    First step

     - avoid the coffee. Part of these symptoms are brought on by dehydration, and coffee is a diuretic. Better choice: orange juice.

    Second step

     - shower. If you really had some fun in that infield, you're probably still covered in mud. Alternate between hot and cold water, set the nozzle to spray directly on the top of your head.

    Not A Step

     - painkillers. If you can, avoid them. Alcohol thins the blood, and aspirin will thin it even more. Alcohol attacks the liver, and acetaminophen does the same. Alcohol burns through your stomach lining, and so does ibuprofen. 

    Last step

     -  Go directly to the 

    Bank Street Brewhouse

     between the hours of 12 and 3 for their Make your Own Bloody Mary experience, featuring craft-distilled Hangar One Vodka and your choice of herbs, spices, garnishes, and hot sauces. 

    Drink up. The Bloody Mary is the ultimate in folk remedies for hangovers. It could be the fructose in the tomato juice, or the vitamins in the veggies, or the hair of the dog in the vodka. Someone needs to conduct a study. But until then, just trust in the wisdom of the folk.

    And if you can manage some food, you need to eat at this establishment, as well. The kitchen is open from 12-7, and their 


     is a culinary genius. Every meal I've had at that place has been a masterpiece. Even the french fries. Yes, even the french fries. 

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