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    Well, it's spring. I know mere weeks ago we got inundated with snowflakes the size of quarters, and next week it might be hotter the hood of a Buick century that's been sitting in the August sun for three days, but it's springtime in Louisville because Dairy Kastle is open. The seasonally open Louisville favorite (directions and hours on their website) at 575 Eastern Parkway, is a staples for UofL students and anyone who wants to enjoy the simple delight of a creamy milkshake or ice cream sundae or chili dog. Dairy Kastle is a small cheerful place, with a few picnic tables and no indoor seating. 

    My favorite thing at Dairy Kastle is the Orange Cow, a tangy blend of orange sherbet and sprite. Dairy Kastle also serves a Brown Cow (root beer) and a Black Cow (chocolate) but no white cow (dear Dairy Kastle: make me a white cow with vanilla, sprite and swirls of salted caramel. Please oh please.). The Fat Elvis milkshake (peanut butter and banana of course) is particularly good, as is the Cherry Cordial milkshake. Eating at the Dairy Kastle is like what I imagine living inside an episode of Leave it to Beaver is like; uncomplex, comforting, all American.

    Soon it will be summertime and we will sprawl on the concrete in our tattered cutoffs, sunglasses perched atop hair bleached by chlorine and sunshine. We will swirl our pink tongues around the tips of soft serve ice cream cone piled high with cold dairy, dip red disposable spoons into thick milkshakes, sate our hunger with chili dogs and butterscotch. Spring is here, summer is coming. Dairy Kastle is open. Rejoice, Louisville

    photo: Elizabeth Orrick

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