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    Last weekend my wife and I went on Danger Run,
    It was an evening that proved to be a lot of fun.
    Our tickets were comp'd
    But this review is not skewed--
    For it takes more for me to sellout (but not by a ton).

    Forty-two limericks we had to decode,
    And with our smarts we thought it'd be a easy load.
    From beginning to end, our rivals
    Would need more miles
    And we would be kings of the road.

    We started off well
    From our odometer you could tell
    And on our faces we did smile,
    Until we veered off by half a mile
    And at each other we did yell.

    But back on track we quickly got
    And apologized that we had fought,
    "Oh how I love you honey,
    Now let's get back in the money."
    So when driving back corners I did chop.

    Through the penultimate safety zone we did pass
    (That's a big word that means next-to-last).
    But clue 33 kicked our asses,
    We almost ended up in Manassas,
    And I though we were going to run out of gas.

    Back home I wrote Danger Run's founder a letter
    Asking what should we have done better.
    Our GPS he guessed we used,
    When all you should do is follow the clues.
    Next year we'll follow them to the letter.

    Danger Run is played every Friday and Saturday through Oct. 31. It includes admission to two haunted houses located on the routes as part of the $14.95 ticket ($15.95 if purchased at the start gate). And you can purchase tickets by phone at 800-771-9750. Each player also gets free food from Dairy Queen and cars of four players or more get a $10 voucher for gas.

    For more information: Read "Danger Run expects 13,000 to decode limericks and get spooked in Louisville's only Halloween ghost run."

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