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    For fans of Daniel Tosh's Comedy Central show, "Tosh.O," Tosh's sold out stand-up show at the Louisville Palace on Wednesday, Oct. 20, did not disappoint. Even without his usual repertoire of web clips and his popular segment, Web Redemption, Tosh was able to deliver constant, hearty laughs.   

    Tosh opened the show with a joke playing to the local crowd, addressing the Rick Pitino/Karen Sypher scandal. He later sprinkled his show with locally flavored jokes (mostly insulting Kentucky, much to the delight of the crowd), talking about our location in the Bible Belt ("wow, this is the buckle"), and our pronunciation of the city's name ("it must be hard to pronounce it with hay in your mouth.").  

    Following in his usual style, the rest of his show was less than politically correct and not exactly kid-friendly. Tosh's topics are also widely varied, as his style is very stream-of-conciousness, so he addresses just about anything he wants to and then just moves onto the next thing. He littered in bits about sports — he is clearly a big sports fan — politics, religion, sex, the local community, and really just about anything he felt like talking about for a little over an hour. What makes him so funny is that he is an equal opportunity offender.  When he jokes about the absurdity of one religion, he jokes about the absurdity of all of them. He is also not afraid to go a bit too far sometimes — he even joked about the Georgian luger that was killed at the Winter Olympics this year.    

    Tosh's show was funny from beginning to end, as long as you don't get offended easily and don't mind a few "ooh, I can't believe he went there" moments every now and then. That is part of what makes him so funny. He pushes the envelope, as most comedians try to do, with hilarious results.

    Photo Courtesy of Comedy Central

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