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    You’ve got to love a great rock and roll show at the Palace.  And Saturday night –you got it threefold, first with a great job by the opening act Aranda.  If you like hard rock and aren’t familiar with the Oklahoma-based band – you might want to check them out.

    3 Doors Down Lead Singer Brad Arnold

    The Daughtry/3DD show was billed as a co-headline tour, with 3 Doors Down hitting the stage first.  Lead singer Brad Arnold and the rest of the band burst onto the stage radiating energy (you can see they love what they do), playing a long list of their big hits like “It’s Not My Time,” “When I’m Gone,” and “Here Without You.” Arnold’s powerful voice backed by a stellar group of musicians resonated well with the Palace acoustics.  

    The Mississippi-based group, which has been around since 1995, recently released their Greatest Hits collection which features three new songs.  They performed two of the new tracks “Goodbyes,” and “One Lights.”

    But those in the crowd, some of which sported Superman t-shirts (and one guy who had a Superman cape), had to wait for the song “Kryptonite,” which 3DD saved for an encore.  And when the band came back on stage and launched into it – the place went wild. (If you’re not familiar with 3 Doors Down, “Kryponite,” one of their biggest hits, refers to the fictional material from the Superman story and includes the line, “If I go crazy then will you still call me Superman?”)

    Daughtry followed 3 Doors Down and continued the high-energy pace of the night with a host of their big hits like “Feels Like Tonight,” “It’s Not Over,” and “No Surprise.”   Lead singer and guitarist Chris Daughtry, one of American Idol’s most successful contestants, has sold more 7 million albums since his days as a finalist during the fifth season of the show, and he showed why, in his dynamic performance Saturday night. 

    In addition to their smash hits, Daughtry performed “Break the Spell,” the new single from their new album “Start Something Good.”

    Daughtry told the crowd he was happy to be back in Louisville so soon.  (He did a show at the Louisville Palace last year.) You can tell he has a good time performing live and given fan reaction, it won’t be too long before he’s back again.  And hopefully, that’s the same for 3 Doors Down.

    Photos:  Courtesy of Max Sharp

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