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    Dear Lou,

    With Valentine’s Day this Sunday, the sheer bitterness of being single is starting to settle in. It seems cliché, sure, but all my friends are “in love” and married or in a serious relationship. It usually doesn’t bother me, but for some reason, I’m feeling real un-loved this year.  Is there anything for a single guy to do this weekend?


    Single and Ready to Mingle


    Dear Single and Ready to Mingle,

    Love is a Battlefield," like Pat Benatar said - heartache to heartache.  This loneliness you're feeling isn’t a new symptom to the human condition. Don’t stress - it isn’t any good for the heart. It seems to me like love isn’t what you’re looking for. Perhaps, it's more of a curiosity heightened by the holiday.  I’m in my late 50’s and, still, “I Want to Know What Love Is.” But, you have to keep in mind that “Love Takes Time.” The minute you stop questioning “The Power of Love,” it will blindside you. Just relax. This “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” is only amplified through this weekend. The big red hearts, the goo goo eyes, and the terrible candy will all just be “Silly Love Songs” come Monday morning, because “That’s the Way Love Goes.”

    In the meantime, there are plenty of things for you to do in Louisville this weekend. There’s an anti-valentines beer dinner, a Treat Yo' Self pop-up and even a Valloween dance party at Kaiju. And hey, if staying at home with bourbon sounds better instead, then no one is judging here. 



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    Illustration by Kendall Regan 

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