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    Dear Lou,

    I’ve never been to Thunder Over Louisville. Such a hassle, but my girlfriend really wants to go this year, so we’re going to fight the good fight to see the sky light up. I live in the East end, so I’ll have to drive in for the show. To put it simply, where the f*ck am I suppose to park?


    Parking Wars


    Dear Parking Wars,

    An excellent query indeed. Parking isn’t always easy. It’s stressful and expensive during such events downtown. No one likes driving around aimlessly, stringing together curse words all while crossing your fingers a spot opens up or someone magically pulls away or disappears all together. Louisville is a small big city. Every year Thunder brings in close to 700,000 people. There is by no means 700,000 parking spots and thank goodness, or Louisville would be one flat parking lot.

    My advice to you is to do one of the following things. Plan ahead, which you’ve already gotten a great start on, or park far, far away. PARC has a great online tool that allows you to reserve a parking spot in advance. It’s convenient, but pricey. Parking one or two miles on a side street away from the event is the way to go. Come in the back way by taking 65 South into Old Louisville. Look for on-street parking in our around that part of down, but don’t try to park past Broadway, it won’t happen.  It might take 20 or 30 minutes to get down there, but imagine the people watching that could happen along the way! Plus, you won’t sit in the two-hour long bumper-to-bumper traffic aftermath. Be sure to map out the road closures though. 



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