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    Is the rain putting a damper on your dreams of Derby Festival fun? Derby events are getting rained out left and right this week, but don't despair. Forgo the galoshes and stay dry with some Derby-themed crafts for kids:

    Printable Horse Coloring Pages:

    Get your kids excited about the Derby by giving them some outlined pictures of horses that they can color. Whether or not your kids stay inside the lines, their pictures will hang proudly on your fridge and elicit some Derby excitement. Print is an awesome (and free!) website to download a variety of coloring pages for kids. Click here if you'd like to print out your very own horse outline for coloring!

    Make-your-own Derby hat:

    I got this idea from the kids' art tent at the Cherokee Triangle Art Fair. Use an 8-inch playground ball, center and then place newspaper or gift wrap paper over it. Press down to "shape" the hat and let ends of paper stick out. Hold the ball in place while a second person wraps masking tape around to make a hat band. Remove the ball and then let your kids decorate their "hat" with markers, glitter and silk flowers. The end result? A homemade Derby hat (mint julep not included)!

    Paper mache balloons:

    The balloon glow was kind of a bust this year, but that doesn't mean you can't launch your own awesome balloons in the backyard. Paper mache balloons are fun and surprisingly easy. 1. First mix up some wallpaper paste until it has a creamy texture and pour it into a flat dish or pan.  2. Next rip a newspaper up into 6-8 inch strips. 3. Blow up a balloon and tie the end tightly. 4. Put newspaper strips into pate mixture and cover the balloon completely leaving nothing uncovered. Repeat this step another 3 times. 5. Allow balloon to dry completely. When it is dry, take a safety pin and pop the balloon. 6. Let kids decorate their hot-air balloon. 7. Add some yarn and a "basket" (empty strawberry pints work perfectly for this) and enjoy your own balloon. 

    Photo: flickr: nancymaewi 

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