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    I still haven’t decided if Roller Derby is a triumph of post-feminist empowerment or a creepy excuse for weird guys to get off on girl-on-girl violence. As much as I hate to admit it, I suspect it’s both. When I talk to the Roller Girls themselves, they’re in it for the camaraderie. It’s quite literally an all-girls club, and these girls enjoy the heck out of playing hard. When I ask about the guys in the stands who seem to find all that violence pretty sexy, the Roller Girls don’t seem to care. They’ll take those guy’s admission fees and use them to keep the sport going. Whether you’re a parent who wants to show your daughters there are all-girl sports where they can be just as rough and tumble as Australian rugby players or a guy who really enjoys watching women on roller skates beat each other up for sport, you can come out and talk to the Derby City Roller Girls live and in person this Saturday. That’s right, the Derby City Roller Girls will be washing cars for fun and profit. What, did you think that kind of sport paid for itself? Teach your kids about the harsh realities of amateur athletics while also supporting a local institution. A clean car is just a side effect. 10 am – 2 pm Saturday, May 9 $5 for a wash & dry The Monkey Wrench 1025 Barret Ave Louisville, KY 40204 (502) 582-2433

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