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    Roller Derby has triumphantly returned to the ‘Ville with the Derby City Roller Girls who continue to gain steam in local sports.

    In fact the Roller Girls’ is the commonwealth’s first Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby team, and has welcomed women from all over the Kentuckiana area who want to mix it up inside the rink.

    Since 2005 the team has been steadily gaining momentum, even offering a training camp for those interested in possibly joining the team. Playing their home games at Champs Rollerdrome on LaGrange, the Roller Girls concluded their season Saturday against Little Steel.

    However, just because their headed into the off-season doesn’t mean they’ve stopped by any means, the team which plays in the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) is always networking, planning, coaching, and all around getting ready for next season, where they aspire to be even more successful in coming years.

    As a whole it appears that Roller Derby is having a revival of sorts gaining steam across the country. The Drew Barrymore film, Whip It from a few years ago typifies this sport’s regaining of momentum. One needs only look at the WFTDA league to see the huge number of team’s that is fielded, in addition teams come from all over not just the U.S. but the world.

    In the Derby City’s conference alone, dubbed the North Central League teams come from Missouri, Minnesota, North Dakota, Canada, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois just to name a few. The farthest reaching team in the WFTDA comes all the way from Berlin, Germany though, as the Bear City Roller Derby team takes to skates.

    By the way, if you were curious the Roller Girls’ record prior to their game on Saturday stood at 27 and 23, a record which put them at a ranking of 27th in the 2012 Second Quarter.

    Image by Jack King and courtesy of the Derby City Roller Girls

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